Chakra Balancing

Release and clear the stagnant energy from your body’s bio-field and bring a sense of calmed emotional state.  

Reiki Energy Sessions

Raises your vibration level as we clear and help to heal the energetic pathways of your body. 

Bio-Field Energy Sessions

Holistic Bio-field Energy Therapy works with the energy field in our physical or subtle bodies by clearing cellular memory through the bio-field or aura promoting health, balance and relaxation while facilitating the body's innate healing mechanisms. 

Available Add on's & Specialty Services

Myo-fascial Release Therapy




​Cranio-Sacral Therapy

CBD Lotion**
Cupping Massage
​Foot Reflexology
Detox Massage **

*​*Additional charge for these

Mobile Massage services for individuals and groups available*

Chair massage for businesses available*

Payment Methods Accepted

Cash/Check/Venmo/Zelle payments accepted
Due to processing issues Debit/Credit payments are not accepted at this time

*Massage Rates shown above do not include travel fees for Mobile Massage
*Travel fees are determined by the distance of travel

New Locations

Saturdays on alternate weeks

Sundays & Monday in Norwell, Massachusetts

Alternating Fridays & Saturday's in Boston - Roslindale Village


Massage Rates*
60 minutes ..... $100
75 minutes ..... $125
90 minutes ..... $150

120 minute ..... $190

Please allow extra time for set up and health form discussion. 

​​​​Holistic Bodywork and Massage​ Services

Our services integrate a combination of therapeutic hands-on massage techniques to treat the body, relieving areas of pain and discomfort, while incorporating bodywork modalities that have a bio-field or energy component to support the emotional body and facilitate the release of energy blockages and emotional holding patterns which results in a sense of relief and overall wellness, allowing you to feel better and return to your optimal self.