Myo-fascial Release Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage


Detox Massage 
Hot Stone Massage

Trigger Point 

Swedish Relaxation Massage

YOGA - Mind Body Spirit Program

Intimidated by the classes? Not very flexible? Try our Custom Yoga Program that provides you with a class developed to address your specific needs, abilities and desires. Call for additional details.

Combination Services

Massage & Facial Combo - $99

 (approx. 90 minutes total)


60 Minute  -   $69.00                                  75 Minute  -   $79.00                       90 Minute  -  $89.00


Frequent Visitor Program

Our Pricing options provide significant discounts for your self-care, allowing you 

an affordable way to benefit from regular massage services.

Massage Pricing Options

Pay As Youo Go:
Punch Card pay as you go:  Pay Full Price for your service 10th visit free

 Membership Discount:
Pay $39.00 for the year:  Return at your leisure w/ $20 discount* ea. visit

Frequent Flyer Clients:
Come in at least once each month and  receive a $20 discount each visit automatically*.

* For services of one hr. duration or more - Not valid on combo or promotional services

Chakra Balancing

Release and clear the stagnant energy from your body’s bio-field and bring a sense of calmed emotional state.  May be added onto any massage session for an additional fee.


Reiki Energy Sessions

Raises your vibratory level as we clear and help to heal the energetic pathways of your body. May be added onto any massage session for an additional fee.

Bio-Field Energy Sessions

Holistic Bio-field Energy Therapy works with the energy field in our physical or subtle bodies by clearing cellular memory through the bio-field or aura promoting health, balance and relaxation while facilitating the body's innate healing mechanisms. 

​​​​Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic style massage services offer a primary focus on relieving areas of pain and discomfort which results in a sense of relief and overall wellness, allowing you to feel better and return to your optimal self.

By Appointment  Monday - Saturday.  Call for availability                                            (612) 888-4590

Add-On Services



Cooling Foot Treatment 

Full Body Exfoliation 

Jade Mat Heat Therapy